I'm So Great: The Rantings of a Jaded Youth

When I grow up, I want to be just like me.

Stephen Colbert/Hitler Slash Anyone? July 31, 2011

It’s funny the things that surface after years of being forgotten. In 2005 I created a second fake LiveJournal account. My first had been a fiery Latina who had been masterminded by my bff Brittany and I, but no one was very interested Clementina. LiveJournal is a complete vag-fest so who cares about another chick? When we had Clementina tell all the LJ Daily Show slash groups to petition the Daily Show for on-air man-on-man correspondent make-outs (I was obsessed.), the vote was split between all the girls who were young enough to think it was a great idea and all the women who knew that celebrities are human beings and were outraged.

When Clementina went down in a hail of metaphorical gunfire, a second account was created as a gay teenager named Chad. Now eyebrows were raised. A cute gay boy who was interested in all the same things as the girls?! Squeee! Chad became an instant hit. All the girls loved him. I had physical pen pals that I wrote to (sorry about that) and Chad was invited to meet girls at Anime Expo and the premiere of Harry Potter 4. I was 16 and I spent a lot of time exchanging slash fanfiction so it was only a matter of time before I started contributing. I ran across a group that was so ridiculous that I had to contribute. Who could say no to HitlerSlash? So I wrote a very short fanfiction using the thing I was most obsessed with at the time: Stephen Colbert.

Last night, a few days shy of a full 6 years later, the subject of fanfiction came up and I thought of this immediately. The friend who brought fanfiction up in the first place doesn’t even believe I wrote it because his girlfriend told him he had to read it literally this week. Too fabulous!


Stephanie to the Max Part One March 11, 2010

I used to draw and, with a lot of help from Brittany, write a comic called Stephanie to the Max.  It was supposed to be about a caricature of me meeting a guy and having wacky adventures but I could never get the story to really come together because I was young and it was kind of a shitty concept.  I was so bent on creating a story right from the beginning that I got bored and stopped updating it right as I started drawing up all the really fun comics.  The basic backdrop for the comics is my mom’s house.  It was kind of a murderer’s hovel and over the years all of mine and my sister’s friends had lived there at one point or another and we had on occasion, referred to my house as the boarding house.  It was kind of a running joke that we wanted to work into the comic.  There was a guy who was like Danny Zucko and the Fonz put together, Herbert West lived in one of the rooms, and the Amazing Penis Boy was assumed to live there at least a few times.  I wanted to post these comics somewhere though because I really love them.  So here’s the rough sketches of a couple of “the good comics” since I have a lot of them hanging around.