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Just a Quickey Today May 15, 2011

Hey guys! I just wanted to mention that Hell on Heels is doing another show at the Brick By Brick in San Diego on Saturday, June 25th. No pasties from me this time, but I’ll definitely be there in my retro best because, as you’ll recall, Tatas Through Time was a joy. (Not sure what era they want us to dress in yet but there’s time!)


Tatas Through Time was a joy! February 14, 2011

I know I haven’t been able to shut up about Hell on Heels for the last week, but I went to their Tatas Through Time show on Saturday at the Brick by Brick and it was such a blast!

The Brick by Brick, in case you’ve never been there but plan on going (for example, to Hell on Heels’ next show ;D), is tucked inconspicuously away behind the Bull’s Smokin’ BBQ and Saloon, which is also pretty awesome. Tatas Through Time was retro dress optional for the audience and, as you know, I fucking love dressing up. I called up my ex-hairdresser mom and my fabulous grandma and they gave me the most ridiculous beehive for the show. This thing was obscenely big and full when they first teased it onto my head, but my hair is notorious for not doing what hairspray wants. Check out that progression:




My grandma’s only warnings about the beehive were to stay away from open flames and to avoid humidity because it would make my hair frizz. Well, I did pretty well avoiding open flames, but the Brick by Brick was so packed for the show that every single person was intimately acquainted with every person around them so frizz I did. No room for a stray boner in there. Good thing we weren’t seeing anything sexy–oh wait…

When we first walked in, there was a girl laid out on a table in nothing but pasties, nude panties, and a garnish of strawberries in whipped cream. This is about the only thing I got a picture of because once we packed in for the show, there was no room or energy for dicking around with a camera.

The show was an absolute delight though. The girls were sparkly and energetic and even their scantily clad clean-up dame was showy and bubbly as she tidied up the glittering, discarded gloves and bras and assorted costume bits and brought out the next act.

I of course had an interest in Miss Ginger N. Whiskey because she was wearing my pistol pasties in her Bonnie Parker act and my sheriff stars in her Calamity Jane act, but I would have had to give her a mention even if she hadn’t been because she was absolutely adorable in every way. Her act was very classy and she had such an innocent energy. I was immediately smitten. Check out the pasties! I worked so hard on them and I was bummed that I couldn’t get any good pictures of them on stage. Nothing makes you feel like a pervert quite like attempting to take a picture of something that is nipple-mounted.





All the girls were amazing. The Betty Boop act knocked us dead, and I almost swooned when Rosie the Riveter took off her jumpsuit to reveal a red, white, and blue glitter corset, then again when she removed the striped corset to reveal a glitter blue bra with a giant star in the middle. And while each girl rocked, my entire group fell madly in love with the Amazon woman Bibi Bordeaux. Pictures are great, but seeing this woman in action is a treat. She was graceful and coy and her act really played into the glorious burlesque tradition of showing just the right amount of skin at any given moment but always keeping the audience straining to see more.

The Hell on Heels troupe is already hard at work on their next show, Dangerous Curves Ahead, which will be on April 1st also at the Brick By Brick. Plan ahead and see them! They’re better and cheaper than a movie. If you missed Tatas Through Time, you missed out on the most entertainment you could possibly get for $10!


My Pasties Might Grace the Stage January 25, 2011

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I’m super excited about being contacted by Hell on Heels to make a couple pairs of pasties for their Tatas Through Time show. I won’t give anything away, but all information about the show is on their blog. So if you’re in the San Diego area on Saturday, February 14th, and you have $10 to spare, come down and enjoy a rocking burlesque show with me!


Delusionally Narcissistic? That’sa Me! July 28, 2010

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Check it out, I got mentioned on Craftastrophe and almost immediately afterward, I made a sale.  Woo!  I love when people who aren’t me post things about me on the internets.


Warning to My Friends and Family: More Boobs May 18, 2010

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Whew, I am hard at work shooting these pasties despite Etsy’s possible protests. My pasties are apparently to small to be decent like all the other pastie sellers on Etsy. So far, I haven’t been asked to take my photos down, however, so we’ll burn that bridge when we get there I suppose. They’re hard at work debating new rules for mature content. Well, without further adieu, some photos that didn’t make it to the shop. I’m sure you’ll enjoy how I masterfully turned my corset into an underbust corset by turning it upside down in my Banana Taffy Pastie shoot. I’m sneaky like that.

And from the Starburst Pastie Shoot.

That's the best gypsy look I've got.

:3 ?

Edit 9/2/10: I figured I’d put up the rest of the photos since I left them out originally because they were already up on etsy and then I shuffled all the photos around.


And I Fall Asleep Covered in Glitter May 12, 2010

Well, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to outright link to my boobs, but I’ve been having so much fun taking pictures tonight, I figured what the hell? And while I’m posting my boobs all over the internet, here are a couple that didn’t make it to Etsy but were really funny anyway.  There you go, Internet.  My naked lady quota for today has been filled.

Ernie thought it was great. I thought it was siiiiillay.


Blurry means action, right?

Also, JOY!  Someone linked to me on Twitter.  I feel so cool.  :D

Edit 9/2/10: I know, it’s been a hundred years but I only put up the pictures I didn’t already have on etsy and then I decided to rearrange those ones, so I figured I’d just put all the pictures up.

First The Navy Blue Knitted Pasties

And then the Sweetheart Pasties:


Pasties for Everyone! April 29, 2010

Turns out the banner size on Etsy is obscenely small so here’s the banner in it’s entirety.  I worked on it all day at work and I think it’s pretty damn cute so I hated to have to shrink it down and down until I could hardly tell what was there.