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When I grow up, I want to be just like me.

My Latest Shoot June 18, 2010

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Another fun night of shooting pasties! Here are my Party Pasties:

And my Starry Night Pasties, which I love but no one ever looks at:

And my Button Up Pasties. We actually went through a lot more photos than these but I hated most of them. Oh well. Time to get some more corsets made in bright, scintillating colors.

That’s all for tonight, folks. I’m exhausted from being so awesome all night.


My Dream Has Come True May 30, 2010

Now I can stamp my image on anything I want ever, thanks to this beautiful stamp made by TerBearCo on Etsy.



Yesss, an army of me is just a stamp away. I will, of course, be using this stamp as the logo for my etsy shop. Hooray for signing my “work”!


I will also use it irresponsibly for endeavors such as this. Take that, work supplies!


On Modeling Pasties May 21, 2010

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That is all.