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And I Fall Asleep Covered in Glitter May 12, 2010

Well, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to outright link to my boobs, but I’ve been having so much fun taking pictures tonight, I figured what the hell? And while I’m posting my boobs all over the internet, here are a couple that didn’t make it to Etsy but were really funny anyway.  There you go, Internet.  My naked lady quota for today has been filled.

Ernie thought it was great. I thought it was siiiiillay.


Blurry means action, right?

Also, JOY!  Someone linked to me on Twitter.  I feel so cool.  :D

Edit 9/2/10: I know, it’s been a hundred years but I only put up the pictures I didn’t already have on etsy and then I decided to rearrange those ones, so I figured I’d just put all the pictures up.

First The Navy Blue Knitted Pasties

And then the Sweetheart Pasties:


Boobies on the Internet May 11, 2010

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Holy Jesus. I knew putting boobs on my etsy site would bring in viewers just based on my own experience of only clicking on pastie pictures with boobs in them, but I didn’t realize just HOW much exposure I’d get exposing myself (See what I did there?). Apparently, I underestimated the power of my boobs.