I'm So Great: The Rantings of a Jaded Youth

When I grow up, I want to be just like me.

Sale Time at HorriblyAdorable! September 9, 2011

Hey guys!  I’ve been working about a million hours a week on my daily grind and my beloved HorriblyAdorable and guess what?  Fleece just went on sale!  So if I haven’t already informed you on our HorriblyAdorable Facebook page or on the HorriblyAdorable Etsy or by shouting at you on the streets, we’re having a sale too.  Every order placed before 2pm on September 30th is eligible for 30% off with the coupon code THANKSJOANN.  I say 2pm because by then I will probably have plans to be drunk and will probably not be able to get to a fabric store in time (although I might still let you have it if I’m not stumbling through the streets in a dinosaur hoodie and a homemade dress).

With the 30% off, the prices are as follows:

Adult Beaglesaurus Hoodie with Lining: $67

Adult Beaglesaurus Hoodie withOUT Lining: $48

Child Beaglesaurus Hoodie with Lining: $43

Child Beaglesaurus Hoodie withOUT Lining: $33

Toddler Dino Footie Pajamas (pictures soon, I promise): $33


Get ’em while you can, guys, because I can’t afford to keep these prices after the sale ends!  Exclamation points!


The Dinosaur Saga October 4, 2010

It started, as a lot of things I do, with a drawing.

This drawing encompasses how I often feel on a day to day basis. Look at me! I’m in a costume! I’m stomping on things! ROOOOOOOAR! So I sent it around and immediately got texts back from my bee eff and old Lames Foreman saying that they wanted that to be their Halloween costume. :D I set to work over the weekend making it a reality. I’m not so sure about that middle panel on the head, which was added in last to make it more t-rexey, but all around the construction was simple and quick. I’ll have to grab some more angles of the back.