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A Bracing Curative For The Afflictions Of Our Time June 12, 2010

Inga Ingenue

So I was debating and debating about whether or not I could afford to go to the Ink N Iron Festival specifically to

Fuchsia Foxxx

see Circus Contraption and I’m glad I finally decided to go. It was completely awesome.

First of all, the Ink N Iron Festival was cooler than I expected, being a person who doesn’t have a single tattoo or care about vintage cars. They had all sorts of incredibly cute things that I desperately wanted to buy but knew I had no money for. Hot pink vintage-inspired dresses in my size! I could have died! And mini tophats and sparkly lollipop earrings. Gah! I ache inside just thinking about it. Plus, there was that mermaid Hitler (played by Megan Fox) riding a sharktank that’s shooting flaming tridents at a t-rex underwater tattoo that I could have gotten in front of everyone in a showroom on the Queen Mary. Eh? Ah?

But Circus Contraption. They were fabulous. They played their dark, beautiful music to a series of pretty sweet burlesque and magic acts. When I walked into the bar area by the stage, I almost tripped over my own feet because Bunny Lamont was standing around having a drink with Schmootzy the Clod. I, of course, did my best creepy fangirl impression and stalked from afar. I think I then unwittingly pissed off Inga Ingenue, the opening burlesque act, by gushing about Circus Contraption and having no idea who she was. Maybe not, though. Maybe she was just playing her jaded character still. And apologies to Fuchsia Foxxx, the second act, as well. Both ladies were standing in line behind us as the ATM looking amazing, and they later performed stunningly, Inga with a hilarious Blazing Saddles Madaleine Khan-esque angry/disinterested act and Fuchsia with a beautiful belly-dance and a riot of color. I can now aspire to be as colorful as Ms. Foxxx.

The show was really fun. I didn’t even start out this post with the intention of talking about the rest of the show, but as I was thinking about it more and more, I

Christopher Wonder

realized that the whole show was so fun and naughty and wholly Circus Contraption in feel. I tried desperately to

Karina the Snake Dancer

find links for all these great acts because they were all crazy fun, but some of these guys are pretty well hidden. For example, the next act.

Scraggly performer Christopher Wonder came out after Ms. Foxxx and did some cool switch tricks with a lit cigarette and an egg, produced and drank several beers, and then made a chicken out of fire and pulled a length of scarves out of its ass. Then the absolutely gorgeous Karina came out and contorted with a giant albino snake. Trixie Minx was adorable and sparkly and classy in her strip-tease. I was won over immediately when she took off her top hat and had on underneath…ANOTHER SMALLER TOP HAT. Joy! Also, she had Hootchie Coochie girls playing and that’s just about my favorite Circus Contraption song.

I feel absolutely terrible for not remembering his name, but The Mystic Man came out and did some neat balancing tricks and then swallowed several swords and a chair leg with a chair attached. You know, I’ve never seen a live sword swallowing act and it was totally stressful to watch. Be careful, Christopher! While he was performing, they were setting up a gigantic swan for Leila Bazzani‘s transformation act, which was beautiful, but confusingly done to Slaughter Promenade. Next up was Rachel Brice, who did the sexiest belly dance in this beautiful gypsy outfit and did not need to take a single article of clothing off to be on par with all the other girls. I move that had she taken any clothes off at all, the audience would have exploded. Plus, I loved the baggy, vertically striped pants she was wearing under her skirt. So cute!

Leila Bazzani

And finally, stripping over two songs, out of two bras and three pairs of underwear, was the amazon goddess Catherine D’Lish

Trixie Minx

This woman has to be seen to be believed. She’s got that Old Hollywood glamour, she’s built like Jessica Rabbit, and every movement she made was dripping with sex appeal.

So, the Carnal Cabaret will be performing today and tomorrow in Sin Alley on the Queen Mary and I definitely recommend seeing it and grabbing some food and goodies at the festival. I had a lot of fun just people watching in the crowd, heh. We only got to the Festival about an hour before the show, but it was definitely worth the $40 just for that. If you can get out to it, definitely do.

Rachel Brice

Catherine D Lish


On The Greatness of Circus Contraption May 15, 2010


I’ve been wanting to write a Circus Contraption review pretty much since I started this blog, but I can’t begin to describe how amazingly awesome they are and how devastated I was to find out that a few days before I had found out about them, they had performed their last show in The Show to End All Shows. This band is unique and dark and showy. It’s funny and perverse and beautiful. There is nothing about them that I don’t love. They perform their shows as a one-ring circus complete with aerial performances, clowns, and freak shows. As I’ve said before on this blog, there’s nothing I love more than a dark and sexy circus, and their old CDs feature all that and more in an oldworld, vaudevillian, and all-around jazzy setting.

Not that they’ve ever left my mind since I recklessly bought all of their CDs last year, but their newest CD for The Show to End All Shows just came out this month and I had to snatch it up immediately. It’s very different from their other shows. I absolutely love it and I wouldn’t change a thing about it, but it’s not the CD I would start new Circus Contraption fans on. It’s a much more modern show with a lot darker themes. It’s less circus and more 1960’s variety show with the worst of religious television thrown in. They’ve definitely had strong things to say about religion before but in this modernized version, instead of burning witches, they’re having the audience shoving money into Poppy Daze’s hotpants. This CD also had a synopsis of the show included, which I was fascinated to read, as I have never seen them live and didn’t really know any of the characters except by voice.

This band is amazing and whatever money they’re making, it’s not enough to compensate them for all the joy they’ve brought me. If you have some time and money on your hands, I would definitely reccommend you buy their CDs, and if you’re in the Seattle area, find out what they’re doing and when. They are worth your time and money.