I'm So Great: The Rantings of a Jaded Youth

When I grow up, I want to be just like me.

Funky Brewster’s in the Hizzouse February 20, 2010

When I was coming up with names for my teen rappers, someone (I think it was my sister.  Sorry Ashley, or if it wasn’t you, then sorry other person.) suggested Go Go Gangster.  It was the first song I wanted to write and the last good song I actually wrote.  It’s definitely my favorite.  I do feel a little bad that I haven’t written a song for MC PMS yet, but she’s just not as cool.  As for the drawing, I got it into my head that painting things with nail polish was a great idea and proceeded to paint everything with my vast collection of nail polishes.

Go Go Gangster

Neon, mesh, and thigh high boots
All the boys stare at my PVC cat suit
I’m lost in the music, entranced by the sound
Give it all I’ve got and just listen to my heart pound

Go Go Gangster girl
In a Go go Gangster World
Glow-sticks all a-twirl
Plastic bracelet swirl
Undulatin’ to the beat
Gettin’ fancy with my feet
The party never stops when I hit the streets

Dancin’ through the school with my candy on
Flippin’ the bird to all the strawberry blondes
Who’re givin’ me looks, starin’ at me
Like I can care; I’m Club Fucking Glee


Tranny style, I’m lookin’ fab
Get dancing, girl, and lose that flab
Doesn’t matter what you look like; just how you act
Don’t dream it, be it; that’s Gangsta fact
Get wild, girls; now’s the time
Get out of the floor and feel my rhymes
Be as bright as you can be
Make people squint to see
You only live once so live completely free