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Drawings Time! July 30, 2011



That is all.


What I’ve been keeping under my hat.

That harpy is clearly my sister, Ashley.So I mentioned that I had something I’d been keeping under my hat that I didn’t want to spill the beans about. It’s this. I started up this shop a few months ago with the great idea of making children’s clothes with mythic themes, but things in my personal life kept me from working on it initially. Then later I talked to my sister and her not-girlfriend about the idea and suddenly things were flowing again. We’ve got all these drawings just waiting to be put into use. Then we were all busy again. Now I finally have some things to sell including and almost limited to those dinosaur hoodies I mentioned a few posts back. Before your jaw drops in disgust, I know they’re expensive, but so is fleece. I assure you that I won’t be able to quit my day job any time soon even if those sweaters sell like hotcakes.

Check out the ideas though and give me some feedback if you like what you see. I keep meaning to get on making some designs to go with the amazing and adorable drawings my cohorts and I have provided, but you know how life is.


I Found The Horn December 16, 2010

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30 Seconds to Mars. Get it? November 16, 2010


Raptor on a Skateboard November 9, 2010


Last night I seriously thought this was funny enough to write down. Last night, however, I was shouting, DO A WHEELIE! and that makes no sense on a skateboard. So take this, half-asleep Stephanie from last night. This is not funny at all and to demonstrate how not funny it is, I’ve drawn it out. I bet you feel foolish now. I’m sure you also would have thought it was hilarious that I put both freaky ripping toes on the same side of his foot.


The whole month of November is reserved for my birthday! November 2, 2010

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So. My birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year just like the year I was born. Sorry about the hospital turkey and the toxemia, Mom. Since I’ll be working on my actual birthday (Bummer, but it’s like they’re paying me time and a half to work on my birthday!), I’ve scheduled my birthday bash for the Saturday following the sacred 25th. Little did I realize that The Room will also be going on that day, so if you’re at the Sunset 5 on the 27th in theater 4, you’re welcome to share my birthday cake! I’ll bring the paper plates, but you guys will have to provide your own plastic spoons.

I told Shannon that she has to make my birthday cake like this:


In case you can’t tell, that’s a rough sketch of a tiered cake with tiny figurines of me (Sugar OR plastic would be cool. I can’t decide!) holding up the tiers and a little me on top.


The Dinosaur Saga October 4, 2010

It started, as a lot of things I do, with a drawing.

This drawing encompasses how I often feel on a day to day basis. Look at me! I’m in a costume! I’m stomping on things! ROOOOOOOAR! So I sent it around and immediately got texts back from my bee eff and old Lames Foreman saying that they wanted that to be their Halloween costume. :D I set to work over the weekend making it a reality. I’m not so sure about that middle panel on the head, which was added in last to make it more t-rexey, but all around the construction was simple and quick. I’ll have to grab some more angles of the back.