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Birthday Dress! December 2, 2010

Sorry, this is not the same as a birthday suit. I’m about to gush a bit, so if you don’t care about sewing, skip to the pictures. As I’ve mentioned before, I always expect to be able to walk into any retail outlet and spot the perfect dress for whatever occasion I’m attending immediately as I walk in the door, but since I generally already have a very clear idea of exactly what I want, this does not happen. This year I decided ahead of time that I wasn’t even going to set foot in a store. I’d only be disappointed. This year, I was going to make my own birthday dress and it would be exactly what I wanted in exactly my size.

On the recommendation of a friend (and later an awesome random woman at Joann’s where I was scouring the patterns for the perfect base pattern), I saved my fabric-buying for a store in Anaheim called M&L Fabrics. If you live anywhere near Anaheim and you sew, I’d definitely recommend it also. The atmosphere isn’t as bright and open as your average Joann’s, and if you want pretty much anything other than fabric or trims you’ll have to make two trips, but the prices are insanely low. All the fabric for my dress was $1.98/yard, which made it possible for me to make the biggest dress ever for about $70. I’m Jewing, lol. I usually don’t talk about prices, but it really made making my own clothes in my own style a lot more affordable. Of course, the ladies cutting my highlighter-green fabric looked at me like I was effing crazy, but they’ll just have to get used to my blinding fashion choices.

So here it is! I wouldn’t let anyone post any pictures of this dress until after my party on the 27th, but then I waited forever to actually post any, although if you’re observative, you can see it’s what I’m working on in Jake’s shoot. All of the good pictures were taken by Jamie, who is generally great.





At some point during the party, every sparkly thing in the house was put in my hair. You can tell I’m really broken up about it.




2 Responses to “Birthday Dress!”

  1. FrozenTundran Says:

    Lovely dress! Lovely cleavage! We miss your nipples.

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