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My Grandpa Is Dead November 5, 2010

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Hey guys, I was going to post a really depressing and long post about how my grandpa died yesterday and why I’m not too much of a monster for being largely unaffected by it, but I’ll save that for the eulogy. Actually, now that I’ve said that, I’m kind of interested to know what everyone is going to say about him. He was one of those mean-spirited old men who had survived mostly on spite his entire life, and it’s kind of sad how everyone was at a loss for anything nice to say about him.

Instead of talking about that though, I wanted to greet the huge influx of new readers I’ve had lately and apologize for pulling you into the story of my grandpa at the end when there was no way you could make your own assessment of his/my monstrousness. I noticed that a lot of you have been all up in the archives and I wanted to thank you guys for reading. Also, and I know this will sound self-serving, but if you want to leave a comment on anything, no matter how old, it really does make me happy to see them. I mention it because I spend a lot of time obsessively reading archives of things on the internet and I always feel a little awkward commenting on anything old. Now that I have things that people are sort of looking at (and I hope enjoying), I can see the error of my ways. Again, thanks so much for reading!


4 Responses to “My Grandpa Is Dead”

  1. DJ Schway Says:

    Speaking of archives… am I retarded, or is the only way to look through them by using the categories feature to the right?

    I’ve been so bad about reading your awesome blog since it reminds me of how mine fizzled out, but I want to fix that.

  2. Danielle Says:


    Anyway, I haven’t been online all weekend. And last night, Karen told me (while I was stoned) what happened! I was totally slammed and sad for you, but then quickly got distracted by this:

    So I am glad that you are okay and it sounds like you werent that close. Just the same. I love you! Death is a strange thing.


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