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Halloween in a Series of Pictures…and Some Words November 1, 2010

Filed under: Pictures of Me,Things I've Done,Things I've Made — Stephanie Fantastic @ 3:01 am


Whew, a whole week of Halloween. It’s been fun. We went to The Room again yesterday, which rocked hardcore, (most of these pictures are from yesterday) and I got this football shaped candy from David Wain look-alike Kyle Vogt (Peter), who was handing out candy to the line with Juliette Danielle (Lisa). If you guys sat in on any of the rowdy showing, you are awesome and those hateful things we say about you are all in good fun. Seriously, I was so jazzed to see them. I didn’t do much actual Halloweening today but I did go out in costume once and that satisfied me enough to be able to sit down and finally (FINALLY) make the cupcake pasties that started my pasties endeavor. Sorry for so few words today but I couldn’t form a narrative without it sounding like I was showing you a slide show of my vacation. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be back with a better update. :D Although what could be better than a pumpkin version of me?


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