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Well, I DID put my boobs on the internet… September 18, 2010

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Hey guys, I’m a masochist so I was googling myself today to see what the general buzz about me is over the internets. Enjoy! Hell, comment if you feel like it.

Larsennnnnnnnn doesn’t know what spirit gum is, but he doesn’t seem all that opposed to the awful picture of those Blueberry Saltwater Taffy Pasties.

I honestly can’t tell if knithacker is being nice or mean about my Starry Night Pasties, so I’m just going to assume they love them. Thanks for the plug, knithacker.com!

However Regretsy and I have never seen eye to eye on what’s cute. Also, I hate to admit this, but my pits always look like that. I’m Mexican, Italian, and Jewish so I consider myself lucky because I don’t need to wax my back. La’chaim!

Good thing I did this on the day that I came up in the “best boobs in the world” search, or the wind might have escaped my sails a bit. However, stalkers, this is STILL not the time to be sending me explicit e-mails. Just kidding, it’s always time!


6 Responses to “Well, I DID put my boobs on the internet…”

  1. debaunare Says:

    “I’m Mexican, Italian, and Jewish so I consider myself lucky because I don’t need to wax my back.” LMAO!!!!I just died laughing at that! My girlfriend is Italian and she’s always telling me that she’s jealous of my lack of hairiness haha!

  2. Audra Says:

    Your pasties are awesome! I saw them on regretsy, but as soon as I get paid and I am ordering me a pair. Maybe not the unicorn one since it isn’t my style per say, but something!

  3. Samantha Says:

    So I’m one of the weirdos from Regretsy who saw your unicorn pasties. However, I investigated your Etsy store and found your blog.

    I’ll admit, I’m a fan — you remind me a lot of myself, which means you’re super rad :D

    Sorry to comment on your blog like a creeper.

    • Stephanie Says:

      Lol, thanks! That’s about how I rate cool people too, so we’d probably get along famously. And I’m all for new people commenting. I’m still trying to wrap my head around all the new hits, honestly.

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