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More on Evelyn Evelyn May 28, 2010

So I had to go back yesterday for the final day of Evelyn Evelyn at Largo at the Coronet and it was fabulous. More subdued performances by Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley than the night before, but their duet on Jason Webley’s Icarus was just as fucking amazing as it was the night before. I could listen to that song forever and I will be the first in line to buy that track if they record it. Also, Sxip Shirey was everywhere. He was mingling with the crowd pretty much every time people weren’t performing and I stalked around creepily, watching his hair bob through the throngs of people and wishing I could figure out a way to say that I love how he looks like a man possessed when he starts his songs with hissing bug sounds. Oh well, next time.

I was all corsetted out (because I could be), and apparently my party had to make room as we were leaving for the break for the large group of people who were poking my corset as I walked out. I had no idea until they told me, lol. It’s like trying to poke someone through a steel wall.



And I don’t know if you can see if but I still have a wicked bruise going on there. Thanks James, you douche. It’s okay; he’s too cool to read this so I’ll just have to call him a douche to his face later.

It must just be because it was the last night, but the line to get in was insane. While we were waiting, the girl in front of us pointed out that Amanda Palmer had tagged the electric box. I love her because she is so fabulous.

So I say again, if Evelyn Evelyn still has your city to get to, go out and see them. The show is absolutely, 100% great. I’m talking at you, Minneapolis! That’s where they’re headed next.


4 Responses to “More on Evelyn Evelyn”

  1. Brittany, also great Says:

    It was so awesome! I had the best time EVER! Everyone go!

  2. rocknrollsweetheart Says:

    blooooooooooooog :)
    <3 Jamie

  3. sxip shirey Says:

    Next time just say hello!

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