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Regretsy, You’ve Lured Me in and Left Me Dry May 13, 2010

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Someone linked to me on the Regretsy Facebook page and it’s killing me on the inside that I can’t see the actual post. I know the comments will only discourage me if I read them, as is evidenced by the one negative comment I can see, but I want to see so bad! Oh well, shop plug.


4 Responses to “Regretsy, You’ve Lured Me in and Left Me Dry”

  1. Alain Says:

    Hello Stephanie,

    You are marvellous, I like very much your boobs and your smile.
    Give us other beautiful pictures


  2. Alain Says:

    Do you plan to give us other beautiful pictures ?


    • Stephanie Says:

      I do indeed! I’m slowly working my way through taking pictures with the pasties I’ve made and am making. Most of those photos will appear on my etsy site minervamayhem.etsy.com because I’m selling the pasties there, but I do plan on posting both the photos that I take of myself and the photos that people send me wearing my pasties here on this blog if I ever get any sales. :D

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