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Pasties April 23, 2010

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I can’t stop making them!  I have been having borderline illegal amounts of fun churning out adorable pasties.  They’re so fun to make that I think I’m just going to keep on going and maybe start up a site on etsy to sell them at.  I was looking around at other Web sites that sell pasties and they’re all heinously overpriced.  Also, they are all generally one size fits all.  I was thinking of making all kinds of different sizes for all kinds of different boobies.  Thoughts?

From the pastie-file:


5 Responses to “Pasties”

  1. Jill Says:

    Oh man I want custom made pasties!!!! Send me them for my b-day in August! Please!?

    • Jill Says:

      Oh wait, instead of pasties that are just nipples you should knit a bikini top that has flesh-colored cups and straps and nipples on them. It’ll be like those stupid aprons with the headless supermodel body airbrushed on them, but more lewd, somehow.

      • Stephanie Says:

        It’ll be just like the Naked Suits. There was a funnier, more realistic naked suit maker but I couldn’t find her. She actually took photos of your body and then put them on a skin-tight outfit so that you’re covered but still showing off exactly what’s underneath.

  2. Aubrey Says:

    Bologna nipples need pasties too. Or the creepy ones where the nipple is like the size of a paper clip…I think i made myself puke a little…

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