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Everyone is the Devil April 14, 2010

So DJ Schway recently did a post about Angel and I was thinking about how I never watched it. The reason I never watched it was because when Buffy the Vampire Slayer came out, my grandparents lived with us. I used to watch Buffy every week with Brittany and my grandma would inevitable come in the room, scoff and sigh, and later give me a long lecture about the evils of Satan. He’s in everything, trying to tempt you, you know. Because vampires and demons and evil really exist, and shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer were Satan’s ploy to get kids to accept them as fun and cool. My argument was always that Buffy was killing vampires. She’d have none of it though and finally it was easier to just stop watching Buffy than listen to her complain about it.

I love my grandma and she’s calmed down a lot since then, but she used to make me nuts with all her preaching. I remember watching a Backstreet Boys video (shut up, it was cool then!) where the boyz had a remote and changed their faces. My grandma almost had a heart attack. Only Satan can change his face! And don’t even get me started on how pissed she was when my old Jewish nana bought me the first three Harry Potter books.

The exemplery moment of my grandma calming down, though, happened a couple Christmases ago. We were all sitting down and opening presents and my cousins, who were just going into middle school, opened up a joint present of the Twilight series from none other than Grandma. I almost leaped across the living room to fight my grandma. It was SUCH a big deal that I wasn’t exposed to vampires and witches and otherwise cute portrayals of evil when I was young, and there she was giving them a vampire series for Christmas at the same age I had been. I could go on and on about religion, but I don’t feel like defending my views to all the Jesus fans. I’ve been in that cicular conversation too many times. I’ll just leave off by saying, Come on, Grammy, you could have at least gotten them some good fantasy.


4 Responses to “Everyone is the Devil”

  1. Brittany, also great Says:

    Haha, I had totally forgotten about that! That was so annoying! Lol, your grandma.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    I know. Dang Grandma. Now she’s all cool with everything. I GUESS that’s good. I need to start buying the cousins good books to read. Quiet, Tatiana! I’m the cool cousin!

  3. Jill Says:

    I can’t believe your cousins are in fucking middle school.

    • Stephanie Says:

      I know! I think Tatiana is going into high school now. It’s so weird! I can’t help but be like, I changed your diapers! even though I know it’s totally gay to say that!

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