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The Excel Class from Hell March 25, 2010

I am full of rage. At the end of last semester, I knew I would be moving so I signed up for a fast-paced, late-start Excel class. I just needed one book and a little bit of time and I wouldn’t have to re-register next semester. Piece of cake, right?

Not so. I bought my book and immediately realized I had bought the “brief version” of Go! with Excel 2007, whatever that means. I cancelled the order seconds after I had bought it and got the correct version on another site with plenty of time to spare. It was only February 8th and my class didn’t even start until the 16th. When I went to start the first assignment on the 19th, I gaped in horror at Go! with Excel 2003. I had been so careful to order 2007 version after the first slip-up, which I still hadn’t gotten a refund from. So I e-mailed Golden Gate Books to ask them what had happened and they assured me that in the small print, it had said 2003. I assured them it hadn’t and sent the book back to where they asked, then found a new teacher’s edition of the book on ValoreBooks.com being sold by GMBookman. I didn’t receive the book until at least March 13th and I started scrambling to get all the work done before my class ends on the 30th (but really before I leave for Washington and Oregon on the 29th).

I figured I had plenty of time though, so I didn’t scramble too hard. Then I realized I didn’t have the CD that was supposed to be included, so all the projects that involved files from that CD couldn’t be completed properly. I flipped quickly through the book to see where those files were needed and was glad to see that none of the projects I needed to turn in required the files so I could just wing it with the examples on the other ones. Kind of a pain, but whatever. I’ve got to get this class finished before the 29th.

So I took my book to work with me and was plodding away at it on my boss’s computer. I finally got a response back from Schwabe books, who I had e-mailed on the 20th about getting a refund, and they said they had no idea that I had sent back the Excel 2003 book and asked if I sent it to the right address. After confirming that I sent it back to the address they asked me to send it to, I got another e-mail from Valore books asking me to leave feedback. Sure, I thought. Why not? So I gave them a positive rating and mentioned the slow shipping and then got back to work. That’s about when I realized that one of the chapters I needed to turn in did, indeed, need those files. Then, as I flipped through again, I realized my book is missing 80 pages out of Chapter 5. 80 fucking pages! I was furious. I could deal with the slow shipping and the missing CD, but 80 pages missing out of a book that was sold as new?! That’s bullshit.

So I wrote the angriest e-mail back to them demanding my money back. I still haven’t received my refunds for either Schwabe books or the first one. And I’m furious because I’ve paid for this damn book three times now and I still can’t complete my class. I have four days to figure it out.


7 Responses to “The Excel Class from Hell”

  1. Brittany, also great Says:

    Holy shit! That is so awful!

    • Stephanie Says:

      I wrote a for reals strongly worded letter!

      “I have several problems with your service. The book did not arrive for almost 25 days after it was ordered, it did not include the CD with the files I need to complete each assignment, and pages 407-488 are missing from a textbook that was advertised as new. I left feedback about ten minutes before I noticed the pages missing and I’m furious that people won’t know about this. With five days left of my class, I’m going to have to go buy another copy of this book because I can’t wait another month for the missing pages, if you even have them. I want my money back. Tell me where to send back this “new” book.”

  2. Brittany, also great Says:

    What assholes! I can’t believe how much they suck.

  3. Danielle Says:

    THAT SUCKS SO HARD! I send LOVE! LOVE! And death…to them. beetches.


  4. Jill Says:

    Jesus Christ, man.

    • Stephanie Says:

      This last guy said he’d process my refund immediately but I still haven’t gotten anything back from the other two. I’m so glad they have the book at the school computer lab so I don’t have to buy another one.

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