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The Park March 23, 2010

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My apartment overlooks a cute little park. I liked it when we first moved in and it’s still pretty awesome. I can sleep through anything so the noise generally isn’t a problem. Today, I woke up to very small children making gun noises at each other. The constant “pew pew pewpewpewpew!” and “wwwwwwhhiiiiiiir!” in little boy voices makes me laugh.

At night, though, the park is vaguely terrifying. I walk up stairs right next to it and I always expect to run for my life. Damn you, Silent Hill! The other day, I woke up from some nightmare or another with a wicked bad nosebleed (the first I’d had in years) and I looked out at the gloomy morning park and thought, Great, so I’m gonna die in seven days. Well, it hasn’t been seven days yet, but if I stop updating soon, you’ll know why.


2 Responses to “The Park”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Well, if you died, you would be a hella convincing zombie.


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