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Comedy Traffic School – Not a Laugh Riot March 17, 2010

This is how you get jobs, right?

“Subject: You need an editor

I’m taking your traffic school course right now and, in addition to being relatively lacking in comedy, the spelling and grammar are awful and in many places, the text is confusing and badly put together.  Whole paragraphs are repeated several times on the same page, often random words are emphasized in caps, and using bold/italics for the entire body of text defeats the purpose of bold and italics.  As a non-professional grammar Nazi, I would be willing to edit your pages for some obscenely low fee.

Stephanie Fontana”


2 Responses to “Comedy Traffic School – Not a Laugh Riot”

  1. Brittany, also great Says:

    They’ll read it and be like, “This kid has got the goods!”

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