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Halloween is the Holiday of the Gods October 31, 2011

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It’s no secret that I will elaborately dress up for little to no reason so it should be obvious that my favorite holiday every is Halloween. Amidst the whirlwind of HorriblyAdorable orders I’ve been scrambling to finish in time for Halloween, I totally managed to make myself a costume. Go me! I’ve Big Topped my house and I have candy so I had better have some dang trick or treaters this year! What’s wrong with kids these days? I trick or treated until I was like 18. (Shut up.)


Sale Time at HorriblyAdorable! September 9, 2011

Hey guys!  I’ve been working about a million hours a week on my daily grind and my beloved HorriblyAdorable and guess what?  Fleece just went on sale!  So if I haven’t already informed you on our HorriblyAdorable Facebook page or on the HorriblyAdorable Etsy or by shouting at you on the streets, we’re having a sale too.  Every order placed before 2pm on September 30th is eligible for 30% off with the coupon code THANKSJOANN.  I say 2pm because by then I will probably have plans to be drunk and will probably not be able to get to a fabric store in time (although I might still let you have it if I’m not stumbling through the streets in a dinosaur hoodie and a homemade dress).

With the 30% off, the prices are as follows:

Adult Beaglesaurus Hoodie with Lining: $67

Adult Beaglesaurus Hoodie withOUT Lining: $48

Child Beaglesaurus Hoodie with Lining: $43

Child Beaglesaurus Hoodie withOUT Lining: $33

Toddler Dino Footie Pajamas (pictures soon, I promise): $33


Get ’em while you can, guys, because I can’t afford to keep these prices after the sale ends!  Exclamation points!


Kim Boekbinder is awesome and you should check out her Impossible Tour August 27, 2011

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For serious. She’s so great I could die. Check out her blog for more details on her tour. If you haven’t heard her music or the music of Vermilion Lies, which is also on that page, you should definitely check her out and then be as enthused as I am.


HorriblyAdorable August 25, 2011

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I know I mentioned it a few posts ago but guess what’s been selling like hotcakes? Everything on HorriblyAdorable. I’m super excited to be making so many awesome things for so many awesome people! If you like what you see there, like us on Facebook.


Stephen Colbert/Hitler Slash Anyone? July 31, 2011

It’s funny the things that surface after years of being forgotten. In 2005 I created a second fake LiveJournal account. My first had been a fiery Latina who had been masterminded by my bff Brittany and I, but no one was very interested Clementina. LiveJournal is a complete vag-fest so who cares about another chick? When we had Clementina tell all the LJ Daily Show slash groups to petition the Daily Show for on-air man-on-man correspondent make-outs (I was obsessed.), the vote was split between all the girls who were young enough to think it was a great idea and all the women who knew that celebrities are human beings and were outraged.

When Clementina went down in a hail of metaphorical gunfire, a second account was created as a gay teenager named Chad. Now eyebrows were raised. A cute gay boy who was interested in all the same things as the girls?! Squeee! Chad became an instant hit. All the girls loved him. I had physical pen pals that I wrote to (sorry about that) and Chad was invited to meet girls at Anime Expo and the premiere of Harry Potter 4. I was 16 and I spent a lot of time exchanging slash fanfiction so it was only a matter of time before I started contributing. I ran across a group that was so ridiculous that I had to contribute. Who could say no to HitlerSlash? So I wrote a very short fanfiction using the thing I was most obsessed with at the time: Stephen Colbert.

Last night, a few days shy of a full 6 years later, the subject of fanfiction came up and I thought of this immediately. The friend who brought fanfiction up in the first place doesn’t even believe I wrote it because his girlfriend told him he had to read it literally this week. Too fabulous!


Drawings Time! July 30, 2011



That is all.


What I’ve been keeping under my hat.

That harpy is clearly my sister, Ashley.So I mentioned that I had something I’d been keeping under my hat that I didn’t want to spill the beans about. It’s this. I started up this shop a few months ago with the great idea of making children’s clothes with mythic themes, but things in my personal life kept me from working on it initially. Then later I talked to my sister and her not-girlfriend about the idea and suddenly things were flowing again. We’ve got all these drawings just waiting to be put into use. Then we were all busy again. Now I finally have some things to sell including and almost limited to those dinosaur hoodies I mentioned a few posts back. Before your jaw drops in disgust, I know they’re expensive, but so is fleece. I assure you that I won’t be able to quit my day job any time soon even if those sweaters sell like hotcakes.

Check out the ideas though and give me some feedback if you like what you see. I keep meaning to get on making some designs to go with the amazing and adorable drawings my cohorts and I have provided, but you know how life is.